Saturday, October 15, 2011

body health

Doing a whole organic internal cleanse it is always good to start off by cleansing the old 'sewer system' of the body, the colon. It is probably clogged up by a long time of eating packaged and processed foods as well as red meat and dairy products. Stop eating these foods for seven days before technically starting the biological or enzymatic cleansing.

During the entire 7 days process use a natural source of fiber supplementation such as Psyllium Husk or an Aloe based supplement that's supportive for the stomach and gentle on the digestive system and helps you process naturally. Avoid chemically based laxatives with scary sounding names like 'Turbolax'. Keep taking these supplements from day one to the completion of the total body cleansing and the return to regular eating.

After the seven days 'pre-cleansing', one enters the micro enzymatic phase with the eating of only fresh fruits and vegetables. For the first three days, begin by allowing the use of cooking methods such as steaming or adding spices and/or olive oil, but try to stay away from salt. Did you know that you can substitute 'Sodium Chloride' with 'Potassium Chloride', if you truly require the salty taste, just check with your local health store to find out more about this product.

After 3 days, you should start eating your fruit and vegetables purely fresh. You want the preserved vitamin and mineral content as much as possible and thus get the full enzymatic benefits. You should keep this purely fresh vegetarian diet up for another seven days. At this point you'll be half way thru your total body cleanse detox.

Next comes the all liquid phase and this is a perfect opportunity, if you need to go all out to purchase a really good quality juicer that will serve you well and assist you in keeping healthy. Juicing is a great habit to have going forward in the future. Be sure the juicer removes most, if not all the pulp but if you just desire to buy the juice, make sure it is organic and pulp free as well. Drink as much juice with a variety of flavors, as you desire for the next three days.